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If you are suffering from allergies it may be time to clean out your air ducts. Most people are unaware that the air ducts in their homes can contain years of dirt, pollen, pet dander and even mold. Even in newer homes, ducts can be filled with debris and sawdust from construction. These pollutants are irritants which have been known to cause illness, so cleaning your air system is important to your health. In fact, physicians say that 1 in 6 people who suffer from allergies have them because of poor air quality in the home.

Some benefits to regularly cleaning your air ducts include:

  • Saving money on energy costs
  • Better air quality
  • Having a properly working HVAC system with an extended life
  • Having a healthy, cleaner and less dusty home
  • Having a better smelling home

Our experts know how to clean any allergens and other residues from your air system. Our state-of-the-art cleaning technology doesn’t damage the surface of the ductwork and allows the customer to see the debris coming out without leaving behind a mess. Our experts use special brushes and vacuums to clean every part of the ductwork including the air handler, fans, grilles and return ducts. At Bioclean Restoration, we don’t just clean air systems, we restore them to perfect condition safely and effectively.

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If you’re tired of sneezing and sniffling, let Bioclean Restoration help you freshen the air in your home. Whether you’re in Mebane, Greensboro, Burlington, Chapel Hill or surrounding areas, we’ll be there for you. Call us today at 336-792-0037 to schedule your air duct cleaning. Our friendly technicians will help keep you and your family healthy.

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