Crawl Space Maintenance & Moisture Removal

Out of sight, out of mind. When something isn’t seen every day, it makes it very easy to neglect. This is why most homeowners rarely think about their crawl space. While you may not spend much time there, this area is actually a highly important part of your house. Ignore it for too long, and nasty issues could migrate into the rooms you regularly spend time in, creating pesky problems and a busted budget.


Common Issues

Odors– moldy, musty odors can travel from the crawlspace into the home. Does your new sealed crawlspace smell like cat pee? We know why and we can fix it!

Faulty drainage can lead to a wet crawl space. If water collects, it may become stagnant, leading to a host of other problems.

Since air ducts often run through crawl spaces, mold underneath your home is just as dangerous as mold within your home.

Floor Rot
After a long period of unaddressed moisture, wood can begin to rot, causing damage to your flooring.

Mice & Bugs
Attracted to humidity and rotting wood commonly found in the crawl space, termites, roaches, and pests find an ideal environment to wreak havoc.

Insulation Delamination
Crawl space insulation is often damaged by moisture, reducing energy efficiency and safety. Wet insulation must be replaced.

Dangerous Gases
From radon to carbon monoxide, deadly gases can originate in the crawl space, finding their way into the air you breathe.

A Proactive Approach

When investing in home improvement projects, your crawl space may not be high on the list, but neglecting this area for too long could bring a great deal of unwanted expense. The best way to maintain the quality and safety of your home is to think from the ground up. If moisture or other issues are festering in your crawl space, you will inevitably feel the effects in other areas of the house.

How We Can Help

Our team specializes in crawl space maintenance and repair. We can clean up your moldy crawlspace, dry out your wet crawl space, install new drain systems or vapor barriers, insulate your crawl space, install a dehumidifier, or even a completely closed (encapsulated) crawlspace. We will take a personalized approach with your budget in mind before offering solutions to turn any wet, moldy, pest-infested area into a clean dry space!

Contact us at (336) 792-0037 to learn how we can help with your crawl space issues now. Note: Unfortunately, we do not work directly with tenants. Please contact your landlord or property manager. We will be glad to assist them directly.

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