Odor Removal

cigaretteStubborn odor? We’ve got you covered! Odors can make your nose wrinkle and your stomach turn. However, the odors themselves are often clues pointing to the source of the problem.

Does your new sealed crawlspace smell like cat pee? We know why and we can fix it!

Odors in homes can be caused by many different things. Often, we see pet smells, cigarette smoke, and even cooking odors from strong spices, such as curry, as the culprit. Once odors are embedded deep down in cabinets, furniture, or other surfaces, normal cleaning will not remove the smell.


Even more concerning, odors that are not as easily identifiable could indicate a bigger issue or result in health problems. Some of the less visible problems that can lead to odors include:

  • Mold in the basement or crawl space
  • Dead animals in the crawl space, chimney, or walls
  • Gas leaks
  • Decaying wood

Health problems that may be caused by these problems include:

  • Allergies
  • Respiratory distress, including asthma or coughing
  • Headaches

How Bioclean Can Help

Do you have an odor you can’t seem to get rid of? Bioclean Restoration can help. Whatever the smell, we work to identify it, find it, and eliminate it.

We use the safest and most effective methods possible to get rid of odors in your home. Our trained professionals know the best products for every surface and material to help eliminate odors and keep them away. We start by eliminating the source of the odor and then work our way through the home until it’s gone for good. We use both chemical-free and safe chemical methods to stop odors in their tracks.

If you live in the Triad, Triangle or surrounding areas, Bioclean Restoration can help you get rid of your stubborn odor. Get started today by requesting an estimate or call us at 336-792-0037 for more information. Our friendly and experienced technicians are ready to help you have a smell-free and happy home.

Note: Unfortunately, we do not work directly with tenants. Please contact your landlord or property manager. We will be glad to assist them directly.

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