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Water Damage Assessment and Repairs from Bioclean Restoration

Many home or business owners like you quickly find out that repairs and remediation work after significant water damage can be complicated and extensive. When it’s not running where it is supposed to, water has a way of getting everywhere.

Even a slow, small leak, over time, can travel a long distance, causing mold issues, swelling or rotting wood, erosion around foundations, and a dozen other issues. We have seen the worst of the worst, and the Bioclean Restoration team of experts is here to help you sort out the best options for making everything as good as new.

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Overview of the Water Damage Restoration Process

There are three phases to the water damage repairs process: assessment, remediation, and billing. Our team at Bioclean Restoration will guide you through each step of the process to make fixing the mess on your hands as painless, efficient, and timely as possible. Here is a brief overview of each of the three phases.

Water Damage Assessment

This critical first step identifies both the category of water damage and the extent of the problems to determine what remediation methods will be necessary. 

The extent of the damage may range across four classes. The least severe is Class 1 damage where there has been a relatively small amount of water to clean up and there is little to no absorption or structural damage. At the other end of the scale, Class 4 damage means there is significant flooding or damage to highly absorptive materials, often in spaces that are difficult to reach. 

The three categories of water damage are:

Category One (Clean Water): This kind of water damage is often caused by things like a broken water supply line, a leaking water tank on your toilet, rain, snowmelt, or any other source of clean water. 

Category Two (Gray Water): Broken appliances or bathroom fixtures are the most likely culprits in this scenario — your shower or tub is not draining properly; there is a leak under your sink; a faulty dishwasher or washing machine. Gray water contains a limited amount of contaminants — enough to make it unsafe for consumption — and to pose a much more serious health risk than Category One water damage.

Category Three (Black Water): This is the most serious water damage category, and it means you are having an issue with water that contains raw sewage or a higher, more dangerous level of pathogens and bacteria. This water and damage pose a critical threat to your health. Broken sewage pipes or drains from areas where food preparation is done are the most common causes of this kind of water damage.

One of the unfortunate (and common) issues with water damage is that it can escalate from one category to the next. In the right conditions, this can happen very quickly, even in as little as two or three days. For example, a clean water leak that isn’t noticed inside a wall or crawlspace can create standing water which then becomes gray or even black water as bacteria, mold, fungi, and other potentially harmful conditions begin to form. Rotting wood, moldy drywall, and other damages can go unnoticed in some cases for weeks, months, or even longer. 

The  Basics of Water Damage Remediation

The second phase of the process is remediation. With a dependable assessment of the category and classification of the damage, the Bioclean Restoration team can begin to tear out, clean up, and repair or remodel any damage to restore your home or business to its like-new condition. Our professional remediation teams have tons of experience and a commitment to completing this phase safely, quickly, and with as little disturbance to you, and your family or employees as possible. 

Bioclean Restoration specialists may use any of the following during the remediation:

  • Water extraction pumps and tools
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air movers and fans
  • Air scrubbers
  • Hand and power tools for targeted demolition and tear out
  • A full array of tools and materials for remodeling 

We know you need the remediation work done right the first time and as quickly as possible to have everything back to normal in your residence or business. After our Bioclean Restoration team completes your free consultation and a thorough assessment, we work hard to schedule your remediation and repairs as soon as it is convenient for you. You can expect our courteous, professional team to show up on time, take every precaution for safety, and deliver pristine results.

Billing and Insurance Claims for Water Damage

When the work is done, you can count on our team to handle all the many details of billing and claim-filing with your insurance company. You already have a messy, difficult situation to deal with — we’re happy to navigate the paperwork and technical details of compensation for our services directly with your insurance company. You will have complete oversight and transparency in the billing process, of course, and we’re happy to answer any of your questions along the way. 

Easy, No-Hassle Quotes and Consultation

Time matters so much with water damage situations. Even a few hours can make the difference between a relatively small problem becoming a much bigger, nastier problem to repair. Fill out our form for a free quote estimate or to schedule a consultation. If you know you need emergency repair, call us directly for 24-hour, 7-days-a-week service: (336) 792-0037.

You can depend on our responsive, informative, and friendly customer service and sales team members to get in touch, answer all your questions, and help you understand all of your water damage repair options with Bioclean Restoration. Complete the form, and we will be in touch very soon.

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